Ashes to Diamonds

The cost to turn ashes into diamonds in UK, Germany, Latvia

Price: Cremation Ashes to Diamonds Cost

The cost to turn ashes into diamonds starts at $ 1400. BIOS cremation diamonds cost varies based on the type and size of memorial diamond you select. The cremation diamonds prices listed on this page are denominated in currency of the country you select.

The cost to turn ashes into diamonds is all-inclusive. To be turned into a diamond, the ashes of your loved one will be sent to BIOS laboratory and will come back in an average of 6 months when the ashes to diamonds process is completed. The cremation diamonds price covers all costs in the ashes to diamonds process, including shipment cost and delivery cost.

The ashes to diamonds cost in the UK is from £ 1200. The cost to transform ashes to diamonds in Germany starts at € 1600. The cremation diamonds price in Latvia is from $ 1400.

Components: Cremation Ashes to Diamonds Cost

The cost to turn ashes into diamonds is composed of purifying the ashes, creating the diamond, polishing and shipping.

Price Factor I – Cremation Ashes into Diamonds Cost

Carbon Purification

The cost of carbon purification is fixed regardless of the cremation diamond’s size.

Carbon purification for a 4N purity (99.99%) is a sophisticated process that is necessary to produce flawless diamonds of may color. It is carried out manually and with the utmost of respect by BIOS’s specialists, taking an average of 5,000 minutes per diamond.

The BIOS carbon purification is 25 times more that the cost of other ‘memorial diamonds’ treated with a mixture of pre-purified industrial graphite. Graphite (generic carbon) is added in their process to dilute impurities, saving time and cost.

Price Factor II – Cremation Ashes into Diamonds Cost

Diamond Creation

The BIOS cremation diamond creation costs are dependent on growing time, which is measured in months, not hours. The larger the diamond, the longer the time in the synthesis environment and the greater the cost. The cost to turn ashes into diamonds larger than 0.5 carats is appreciably higher for this reason alone.

A diamond seed is required for carbon atoms derived from ashes/hair to attach to and crystallize. To achieve the ultimate beauty of your cremation diamond, BIOS only uses natural diamonds from the top 0.1% of the best available diamonds as ‘seeds’. We never use CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) diamonds, which are much cheaper – for a reason. While this would reduce the cost to turn ashes into diamonds, it does not reflect our philosophy of treating every cremation diamond as if we were making it for ourselves.

Price Factor III – Cremation Ashes into Diamonds Cost

No Local Mark-up

Most companies sell through regional distributors and other layered channels, each one adding their own profit margin. Where you enter the network impacts how much it costs to turn ashes into diamonds.

With BIOS there are no middlemen, so you pay only for quality, instead of 35%-45% in distribution mark-ups. The cost to turn ashes into diamonds should reflect the quality and size of the diamond, not the distribution network.

BIOS’s transparent cremation diamond prices are clearly visible. With BIOS there is no “Price on application” or changes in how much it costs to turn ashes into diamonds.

Price: Cremation Diamonds from Ashes Cost

Services Included: Cost to Turn Ashes into Diamonds

Our BIOS ashes into diamonds cost includes all necessary services in the ashes to diamond process. This includes carbon purification, cremation diamond creation, cutting and polishing, certification of origin, sealing containers, packing and international shipping. There are no hidden costs. Any additional fees will relate only to local taxes and optional services provided by a third-party, such as a certification of authenticity issued by the International Gemological Institute or the Gemological Institute of America.

Cremation Jewelry Price

In addition to the cremation diamonds cost, the price of jewelry depends on the shape, metal type and metal weight. Jewelry prices include all mounting and shipment costs. You can choose from our cremation ring designs and cremation pendant designs, or submit your own idea for bespoke cremation jewelry.

Colors vs. Cost

An array of cremation diamond colors is achieved in varied synthesis environments with different purification and preparation procedures.

Amber is the most natural color and undergoes a standard process offering the lowest price (from $ 1400 / 0.25ct). In comparison, colorless cremation diamonds require the highest standard of purification using the most advanced technology.

The growing time for a 1 carat Purely Colorless™ diamond can be several times that of a 1 carat Naturally Amber™ memorial diamond. Therefore, Purely Colorless™ cremation diamonds are the most expensive (up to $ 24500 / 2.0ct).

Cremation Diamonds, Price Range and Characteristics

Diamond Color
Naturally Amber™

Greenish Yellow



Purely Colorless™
Price Range ($)$ 1400 - $ 13200$ 2000 - $ 15500$ 2000 - $ 15500$ 2200 - $ 23500$ 2400 - $ 24500
Time *3 - 6 months4 - 7 months4 - 7 months5 - 8 months6 - 9 months
TechnologyNaturally grown under
standard procedures
HPHT processing at
nitrogen content 1ppm
- 1000ppm;
Electrons irritating at
1KeV - 100MeV[*]
Annealing at 500°C -
5000°C under 100kPa
- 20GPa;
HPHT processing
Through specialized
purifying to ensure
Boron content 1ppm
- 1000ppm
Highest purity from
the most complex
technology with the
longest growing time

* Estimated time for 0.5 ct diamond.
[*] Data range is enlarged to protect technical secrets.
[#] Actual time is dependent upon the ordered size.

La Terre

Naturally Amber ™

Amber diamonds are the most basic color option for all cremation diamonds. The amber diamond is grown under basic creation procedure with no added microelements or special technical treatments. Production costs and time are the lowest resulting in amber cremation diamonds being the most popular option. If you wish the color of your beloved diamond remain natural, choose the amber color. The amber color naturally results from nitrogen (N) that remains in the carbon that is essential in human cremation ashes.

Single Piece


(4.0 mm)

(4.5 mm)

(5.1 mm)

(5.5 mm)

(6.0 mm)

(6.5 mm)

(7.3 mm)

(8.0 mm)
Price$ 1400
$ 1700
$ 3100
$ 3700
$ 4200
$ 6500
$ 10200
$ 13200

0.15ct family bundle 3.4mm

0.15 Carat (3.4mm)
Bundle price (Price)$ 1600
($ 800 /unit)
$ 2300
($ 766 /unit)
$ 2900
($ 725 /unit)


from 0.25 ct
$ 1400


from 0.25 ct
$ 1400


from 0.25 ct
$ 1400


from 0.25 ct
$ 2000

The Cost to Turn Human Hair and Ashes into Cremation Diamonds


1. For memorial diamond sizes above 2.0 carat, please contact us directly for a personal quote.

2. cremation diamonds below 0.25 carat still have to undergo the purification process, which is time-consuming and costly. Currently, we are not offering single diamonds below 0.25 carat. However, if you need a 0.10 carat diamond in addition to a 0.25 carat diamond, for the style of ring or to share with family members, for example, please contact us directly for a personal quote.

3. A 4.5% discount is offered for the second and any additional cremation diamonds ordered, where the discounted diamonds are no more expensive than the first one. Family Bundles are not applicable.

4. Rough diamonds (unpolished) are available for size 0.35 carat or above with a 20% discount. However, the rough diamond should NOT be cut at any time after it is delivered because inexperienced diamond cutters without specialized cutting skills are very likely to break the diamond.

5. Brilliance of the cut options: Brilliant > Princess > Radiant > Asscher > Emerald. Specifying a cutting shape other than brilliant is subject to an additional fee.

6. The images displayed on the website are for reference only. The actual size and color depth of your cremation diamond may vary.

Cremation Jewellery

Cremation Jewellery rings, pendants or earrings, choose among our large and unique cremation jewellery collection or custom design your own cremation jewellery to carry your cremation diamond with you at all time.

Cost Comparison: Natural Diamond Prices vs. Cremation Diamond Prices

Turn Cremated Ashes into Diamonds Cost.

Colorless natural diamonds are more common, and thus cheaper than natural colored diamonds. It is the opposite for colorless cremation diamonds which are more expensive.

Cremation diamonds in amber or blue are lower or similar in price compared with natural yellow diamonds. Colorless cremation diamonds are more expensive than natural colorless diamonds.

Cheaper Cremation Ashes to Diamonds Cost.

The cost of turning human/pet ashes into beautiful diamond is significant owing to the complex nature of the whole process.

It’s always our wish to offer families a price that is always as low as possible. That’s why you only deal direct with BIOS and never through a mark-up middleman.

English History of Precision and Quality.

BIOS handles every single step solemnly and with the utmost respect to turn ashes into diamonds. Each memorial diamond order is checked a total of 25 times at 7 inspection points as the diamond is made out of human ashes. All BIOS memorial diamonds are certified and can be re-verified by any of the world’s recognized institutes.
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Price from $ 1400 – 0.25ct.

BIOS’s ashes to diamond costs reflect the cost to purify the cremated remains and the actual cost to grow the diamond. The costs are based on the cremation diamond size and color, which determines the technical processes involved. Cremation diamonds made out of human or pet ashes are a highly technical and sophisticated product that requires precision and control in every step.
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