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Naturally Amber ™

Amber diamonds are the most basic color option for all cremation diamonds. The amber diamond is grown under basic creation procedure with no added microelements or special technical treatments. Production costs and time are the lowest resulting in amber cremation diamonds being the most popular option. If you wish the color of your beloved diamond remain natural, choose the amber color. The amber color naturally results from nitrogen (N) that remains in the carbon that is essential in human cremation ashes.

Single Piece


(4.0 mm)

(4.5 mm)

(5.1 mm)

(5.5 mm)

(6.0 mm)

(6.5 mm)

(7.3 mm)

(8.0 mm)
Price$ 1400
$ 1700
$ 3100
$ 3700
$ 4200
$ 6500
$ 10200
$ 13200

0.15ct family bundle 3.4mm

0.15 Carat (3.4mm)
Bundle price (Price)$ 1600
($ 800 /unit)
$ 2300
($ 766 /unit)
$ 2900
($ 725 /unit)


from 0.25 ct
$ 1400


from 0.25 ct
$ 1400


from 0.25 ct
$ 1400


from 0.25 ct
$ 2000

Cremation Diamond Cost Table at BIOS™


1. For memorial diamond sizes above 2.0 carat, please contact us directly for a personal quote.

2. Cremation diamonds below 0.25 carat still have to undergo the purification process, which is time-consuming and costly. Currently, we are not offering single diamonds below 0.25 carat. However, if you need a 0.10 carat diamond in addition to a 0.25 carat diamond, for the style of ring or to share with family members, for example, please contact us directly for a personal quote.

3. A 4.5% discount is offered for the second and any additional cremation diamonds ordered, where the discounted diamonds are no more expensive than the first one. Family Bundles are not applicable.

4. Rough diamonds (unpolished) are available for size 0.35 carat or above with a 20% discount. However, the rough diamond should NOT be cut at any time after it is delivered because inexperienced diamond cutters without specialized cutting skills are very likely to break the diamond.

5. Brilliance of the cut options: Brilliant > Princess > Radiant > Asscher > Emerald. Specifying a cutting shape other than brilliant is subject to an additional fee.

6. The images displayed on the website are for reference only. The actual size and color depth of your memorial diamond may vary.

Cost Comparison: Natural Diamond Prices vs Cremation ashes Diamond Prices.

Turn Cremated Ashes into Diamonds Cost.

Colorless natural diamonds are more common, and thus cheaper than natural colored diamonds. It is the opposite for colorless cremation diamonds which are more expensive.

Cremation diamonds in amber or blue are lower or similar in price compared with natural yellow diamonds. Colorless cremation diamonds are more expensive than natural colorless diamonds.

Cheaper Cremation Ashes to Diamonds Cost.

The cost of turning human/pet ashes into a beautiful diamond are significant owing to the complex nature of the whole process.

It’s always our wish to offer families a price that is always as low as possible. That’s why you only deal direct with BIOS and never through a mark-up middleman.